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Yesterday I picked up a gtx260(non 216) and I've noticed it's much hotter than my 8800GT(of course). The fan was on 40% when I got it and I quickly got up to low 70's when gaming. I upped it to 60% fan speed and still hovered in the 75C range, so I bumped it up to 80% and it seems to control it a bit better. My question is, I know these new GPU's are even going into the 80's(gtx280+4870 ect..), but is this going to cause a problem? I'm used to staying below 60 with my 8800gt and I'm sure 75 max is fine for my 260, just figured I'd double check.

Also, running the fan constantly at 80%, should it reduce the life of the fan/gpu? And is there a way to only have the fan run at 80% during 3d performance mode through rivatuner.

Suprisingly enough, the fan isn't that loud, I have my tower right next to my monitor and it actually seems quieter than my 8800 at 80%.

Thanks guys-
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  1. It the temperature should not be a problem at all. I have two 260's and I have noticed that during summer in Iowa they got up to the high 70's and low 80's with 75% fan speed. Now, in Michigan and cooler weather they rarely break 70 with 75% fan speed, so your background temperature matters. However, you should be fine at those temps.

    You don't need to run it constantly at 80%, you can preset a "normal" fan speed and overclock and a "gaming" fan speed and overclock and simply switch between the two with a hotkey using RivaTuner or something like EVGA's precision.
  2. Yeah I can't figure out how to get it to only be 80 when I'm gaming, I don't want to have to turn it up every time I play a game.
  3. must be defective fans because i live in florida and i have the GTX260 216 and it never goes above 60C at 40% fan speed. its always hot in florida. and i dont live in a cold house, its usually 75~77F in the house and my card never gets above 60C. i would check that out closer. oh and my card is over clocked like in the sig.
  4. seems fine. my 2 gtx260 temps are around 42-44 idle and 65-70c at load. mine is oc though and the fan speed is at 100%
  5. I've checked the fan, it seems fine, like I said I don't think it's faulty, I've got a mid tower and not the greatest airflow, so staying below 70 at 80% fan speed appears fine. I'm more concerned with lowering the fan speed when I'm not gaming without having to open up riva ect.
  6. It idles at 42, so I'm pretty sure everythings working properly, just wanted to double check that low 70's was normal after a couple hours of gaming in a decently warm room.
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