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My notebook can't find the local printer. What searching preferences must be signed on?
Thank you :)
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  1. You say it can't find the local printer. When you attempt to print, a dialog box of some sort appears and along the top is a drop-down box to choose your printer. It should appear there.

    To make that choice permanent, click:

    Start>Settings>Printers and faxes,

    Right-click your printer and select to make this the default printer.

    If it doesn't appear at all, you need to install drivers for it.

  2. I've tried to do like that, but after appears the box with this note "The output port is not specified. Please print after selecting device in the Printer/MFP selection display of Print Property".
    So, that means I have to reinstall printer drivers,or what?
    Thank you very much for helping. :)
  3. OK, that's good, a bit more insight into the problem...

    Click Start>Settings>Control Panel>Printers and Faxes

    Your printer should appear. Right-Click the printer and select Properties.
    Click the "Ports" tab
    A list of possible printer ports appears, If you have a USB printer connected, down the list should be a port labeled USB 001 virtual printer port for xxxxxxx (xxxxx is the name f your printer). (It may be a different number than USB 001, could be 002 or whatever was available to Windows to use.)
    Check the box there and click apply then Ok.
    It should work now.

    If you have a parallel printer, check the box for the parallel printer port (LPT1)(or 2, or 3 as the case may be), etc for whatever type printer you have.

  4. I've solved the problem by reinstalling drivers :) Thank you for helping!
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