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I am having an Asus M3A78-EM motherboard, AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ processor, 2 GB 800 MhZ RAM, 360 GB HDD, XFX 8500 GT Graphics Card and LG 19" wide screen LCD monitor. My motherboard gets very hot after five minue after i turn on my system without even much load. The PC probe shows MB temp 45 and an alarm sets off showing temperature has crossed the threshold. I am having Windows XP SP2 and my Resolution is 1440:900. Please help...........

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  1. What type of case are you using. Best way to cool the motherboard is improving airflow in your case. Have a fan in front pulling in cool air and a fan in back blowing the hot air out. A good case will also have a side fan to blow cool air directly onto the motherboard.

    As far as the alarm, go into asus probe and raise the temp the alarm trips at to about 50. This way you dont have to keep hearing it while you work out the issues. 45 while not a danger to your board is still kinda warm.
  2. Hey, if you have an Nvidia graphics card on an ATI set up board this could be your problem. They don't mesh well together. Maybe I'm wrong but you did say it was a 8500 gt which is Nvidia and the MB is the Asus with on board Radeon 3200 video right?
  3. Hi there,

    I have the same problems without the graphics card also. At first I tried withthout graphics card and the MB got hot so I thought if IGP was the cause so I fixed the graphics card and the problem still exist. SO what to do??????????
  4. I would go with a better case. more air flow. for a quick fix you might try putting a fan in the front and the back no a computer fan but a REAL fan. but I would go with a new case. also make sure you hooked everything up right. sometimes the wires could be in the wrong place and cause to much power to flow into the motherboard causing it to be hot.
  5. hi there ;)

    i also bought that board (asus m3n78-em) and now i am experiencing random shutdowns (power offs) without any reason. after powering on my system and after about 5 minutes up to 2 hours my system shuts down randomly and unexpected. i bought a new psu (550w), a new case (thermaltake soprano), tried it with new drivers and also removed my graphics card (geforce 260gtx) with no effect.

    the southbridge gets too hot so the system shuts down.
    i did not find any solution to this strange behaviour.
  6. I have the same board in question, phenom II 720 be, the motherboard temp in sandra lite shows it as 48 degrees celcius, and its running fine for hours at end. there seems to be some problem with the cpu ? are you sure you checked that ? cpu fan not working properly ?

    the cpu temp is like 38.5 degrees
  7. had the same problem too. :heink: I called asus and asked whether i should be worried. but they said 50c is normal temperature for this board and i wouldn't have to worry until it reaches 70.... :)
  8. i have the same MB, i have 2 extra fans in my cabinet, my MB temperature is 45C only when i play games, otherwise it is around 40C.
    hey the random shutdowns might be because of a virus. Check your system with a good updated antivirus. i don't think it's because of the cpu. :D
  9. I have the same board with a phenom II x2 550 and 9800gt oc card win 7 64 500gb wd hd 4giggs corsair xms2 800 ram.
    and I'm not having any problems at all. I'm running two 120 mm and one 80 mm case fans the case is just a cheap cool master 331. system runs at about 115 f after I've been gaming for a while.
  10. I have the M3A78-EM with 64X2 6000+ G2
    EN9600GT/HTDI/512M graphics

    These mb and cpu's run warm to hot. Ask Asus.

    I average 54C CPU and 43C MB

    Basic housekeeping.

    Blow out ALL dust regularily. Wash case air filters as well.
    Case fans to med or high speed.

    Make sure case is in a "breathable" area. (ie not in a corner)

    Add a front fan if its still an issue after these basics.
  11. Good advice! BTW the AMD stock coolers fill up with dust which causes the CPU to overheat. I think this contributes to many overheating issues!
    Replacing the stock cooler with a CoolerMaster TX3 or similar may help, and is very quiet.

    jonnyswift said:

    Basic housekeeping.

    Blow out ALL dust regularily. Wash case air filters as well.
    Case fans to med or high speed.

    Make sure case is in a "breathable" area. (ie not in a corner)

    Add a front fan if its still an issue after these basics.
  12. I have Asus M3A78-T Motherboard wich runs at 62C while playing games... this makes most of games crash.

    I have AMD Phenom II 920 @ 3.43Ghz Corsair Dominators @ 980Mhz and Ati Radeon 4870X2 @ regural

    Processor temps are normal under load at 46C but the motherboard temperatures have peaked at 64C!!

    My case has front and back 92mm fans and one sidepanel mounted 120mm fan blowing air to NB/SB and processor..

    Any advices or a good program that allows fan control.
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