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Hi All,

I just got a 4870 and was wondering if there is any way to set up the fan speed control so that it uses the auto feature but runs the fan faster and more often? The fan is plenty powerful enough to keep the thing at below 40c on idle. But I wish there were a way to set it so that it kicks on say at 50c or 60c instead of waiting till the darn thing starts roasting at 80c before the fan kicks on. At that temp, may as well dispense with the frying pan for cooking eggs in the morning. The vid card would probably do it faster :lol:

I mean cpu's and mobo's have had this ability for a long time now. there's gotta be a way to do it with the video card, even if it's using a 3rd party controller.

Anyone got any leads?
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  1. Download the new Cat 8.10 driver from ATi it now has fan speed control as part of the CCC program.
  2. AMD (ATI) have just released new drivers that allow you to manually set the fan speed in the Control Centre and they can be found here...


    Between 35 and 40 percent works fine in normal use but if you`re running benchmarks, and particularly Furmark set it higher.
    Unless someone has any other info, if so I would also like to hear it!
  3. yeah I know that, already got 8.10, but I don't want the fan to run constantly at a given speed. That's like super old school stone-age tech. It works and is better than the default, but I want to be able to let the hardware/software relegate the fanspeed in an intelligent manner, not this retarded keep the fan off until the chip hits 80c then turn on for a few seconds till it drops to 60c then back on etc. nonsense.
  4. no you want the retarded manner at 50c
  5. manually setting the fan is still a hassle, you need Rivatuner that increases the fan speed according to the GPU temp and the perameters you set.

    See this article : file:///C:/Users/Michael/Desktop/Tweaks/4870x2%20fan%20control.htm

    I use it on my 4870x2 - i believe i set the perameters similarly to in the article - a little bit cooler and it works great - idle temps from 70c to 56c but you can set them to any reasonable temp.

    Useful as the 4870 runs v hot.

    You should also enable the feature that starts Rivatuner automatically at startup, so when your desktop boots up, vista asks you to allow the program - you have to do it on every startup but that's no hassle, esp compared to manually setting the fan for different activities.

    Do that and enjoy some cooler gaming - +1 for getting an ATI, compared to nvidia your card is a beastlord!! lol
  6. Sorry guys the address is :


    , not in my hard drive lol
  7. yes it is a beast lord hehe :sol: I went from twin 7600gs in sli. and OH MY GOSH WHAT A DIFFERENCE :D I haven't done much to really test it, but Company of Heroes graphix test with everything set to the max and 8x AA I had just shy of 60fps avg.
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