I have an old E machines that i have been swapping parts in and out of. I recently bought a new mobo, cpu, ram, case
and already have in the E machines 750psu,gtx260, and the hard drive with vista home premium that came with the emachines and has the recovery OS on it.

Now my question is when i build the new comp with new mobo,cpu,ram,case,psu,gpu,

Can i use the old hard drive that came with the E machines? I DONT WANT ANYTHING ON THE OLD DRIVE NOT GODAM NOTHING so sick of everyone forums on moving the old drive NOOOOOOOOOOOOO just want to use it for a fresh install of WINDOWS 7.

CAn this be done?
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    It's a hard drive -- you can use it with any motherboard which has appropriate connectors.
  2. thanks thats just about all the info i needed. Only other worry is that do i need to prepare this drive "such as reformating, deleting old data, or will it just install windows 7 over this when i boot from the cd?

    thanks again
  3. When you go to do your fresh install, FIRST step as the Install starts is to find and use the option to Delete any and all old Partitions so the HDD is completely blank. Then let Install Create a new Primary Partition and Format it to install to.
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