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Hi. I got a ultra e-torque case and a non-modular psu. I have 2 uv lights installed but the cables inside are just too many. I'm going to buy a sleeving kit, the one that's uv reactive. maybe green. But, my problem is how I'm going to manage all the cables inside the case. My case doesn't have space behind the motherboard tray to route the cables. in short, they're all exposed inside the main compartment.. Please help me.. I'm going to do the modding by tomorrow cause I'm going to the store to pick up ties and sleeving kit...
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  1. One suggestion: sleeve the cables that you are going to use with the UV reactive sleeves. Sleeve the ones that you are not going to use with just plain black to, if not hide, minimize their appearance.
  2. how am i going to hide them? and if i sleeve all of them, it would still look untidy and messed up...
  3. Unplug all of your power cables and lay them over outside the case the best you can. Carefully route each cable to the area needed and use velcro or wire ties to temporarily keep them bundled together with other wires being routed together.

    I have used the plastic sleeving that is slit on one side to allow you to insert your wire bundle inside. You can allow a cable that breaks off to go to another component to come out mid way of the sleeve.

    Sleeving is good but is a little tedious to install but worthwile. Velcro strapping is another method that works fine. If you go with sleeving you need to get a large enough size to hold all of the cabling so if you are unsure of the size its a good idea to use wire ties to temporarily hold them toghether so you can size up the tubing.

    For cables you dont use/need then you simply tuck them away such as above the cd rom or even above the psu if you have room to do so. You just have to get creative.

    Watch a youtube video to get ideas. Heres one, there are others so if you dont like this one do a search and watch:
  4. i already mod my case, i changed the location of the hdd cage because it was blocking the length of the gtx 260. I placed it underneath the cd drive. If i'm going to stick with this case, where else can i put it? and if i'm going to change the case, what case would be a good one?probably <100 bucks. which would be better, getting a new case or a new modular psu?
  5. If your happy with the case I would buy a modular psu. But, you could route and hide those cables on your current psu. I used to think like you but I ended up getting a Corsair 750 watt psu and found it was easy to route the cables and make it look nice...

  6. ^why's one of your side panels fans off? don't they disrupt the airflow just a bit? looks cool though...

    is that a TEC air cooler btw?
  7. @venom: I'm guessing the side panel fan's off cos it crashes into the CPU HSF.

    @Englandr: That's some good work on the cabling. How's the akasa doing on your GPU?
  8. Yes, it is a TEC cooler. It keeps the cpu nice and cool but the only thing I can see that would be bothering to most people is the ramping up and down of the TEC cooler kicking on and off constantly. It doesn't bother me but for some it would be a bother.

    The side fan is off due to the TEC cooler taking up the space needed for the fan. That is no problem though. There so much airflow in this case its crazy.

    My GPU's are staying cool within their limits and I'm satisfied. Overall I am very satisfied with my system and I may actually use it for a while until there is a real reason to upgrade. I've got a LOT of money in this setup as it is now...
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