ive got a e5200 in my g31m-es2l and id like to lower the multipulyer to get a stable overclock but i cant find the setting can some one help me out thanks
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  1. its in the M.I.T. Its called the system memory multiplier. There are only 4 options, Auto, 2.66, 3.33 and 4.0+. I just picked up an E5300 and the same board. I can get a stable 3.33Ghz. let me know where you end up. I've been tinkering all day. I cant get anything stable over 3.33. :fou:
  2. yeah i knew where the memry one is i was talking the cpu one ive got mine at 3.85ghz 308x12.5 @1.382v
  3. nice. I'm hitting a wall @ 3.33ghz 252x13 @1.3175v. Do you have a problem with seeing correct voltage in cpu z? No matter what voltage I specify in the BIOS cpu z reads 1.25v. I think whatever is causing this is also stopping me from getting my system stable above 3.33ghz.
  4. you should try some other things like the easy tuner6 tool that comes with the mobo that shows voltages and stuff on it or se if you have a old version of cpuz
  5. easy tuner show 1.25 as well. I will look for an older version of cpu z. I sent an email to gigabyte but have not gotten a reply yet.
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