Gtx 260 216 core Evga SC or maxcore oc2 bfg?

which card is better ? and what brand is better .. i have already an evga 8800 gt and its amazing .. is BFG as good as evga ?
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  1. I like BFG better since they have 100 days in stead of 90 days step up, and its also very hassle free, all you need to do is send the card, while with the EVGA the contract states that you need to put everything back with the card in order to send it to them or they will send it back.

    Also I found from personal experience, when I comapred a 260 EVGA Superclocked+ to a stock BFG 260 GTX, the BFG clocked higher than the EVGA one, while the EVGA 1 started showing artifacts even when I overclocked it to FTW...which isn't too big of a oc. The BFG 260 I managed to get to 700 core:)
  2. this one (bfg)already has 626 Core clock ! can i get it to ftw numbers ? is there a software for bfg ? because evga has a utility for this ..
  3. it sucks, I used it just use RivaTuner, its much easier and I'd put my trust in it more than EVGA's utility, BFG's and Nvidia's Control Panel:)
  4. because i have in experience in o'cing so iawnt soemthing easy .. btw the evga superclocked has the same specs but i guess i'll get the bfg ..
  5. I honestly had such a bad experience talking to the techs from EVGA they really talked down to you. Also their step up program is soo linear its like they are going out of their way to make sure you don't step up, everything needs to be perfect!

    While with BFG all they need is a working card. Also BFG offers 24/7 tech support even on Holidays, I dunno if EVGA has the same thing and also on holidays.

    EVGA does give you a cooler sticker though:) :P
  6. i use the evga precision, and i like it better than riva. never had any problems.

    also idk why you've had problems with evga, my friend had to deal with them a few times and never had problems..

    and ive never even had to contact evga support. cards runnin perfect
  7. I contacted them for the temps of the card, and also for the step up program. Its more of a hassle when you step up from them then it is from BFG.

    EVGA tells you to include absolutly everythign that came with the card and put it back in the box, while BFG just tells you to keep everything and send in the card.

    So I can assume that EVGA either just resells the card as new and/or as refurbished. Although I think BFG does the same, but they aren't cheap bastards like EVGA:P

    They are both good companies never had any probs with the cards themselves other than the EVGAs artifacting at much lower clocks than the BFGs, that could've been the luck of the card though.
  8. bfg oc2 216 core or evga 216 superclocked 216 core?
    am so undecided
  9. I'd go for BFG, but thats my opinion. :)

    Its up to the company you like, they are pretty much the same in the end.
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