Upgrading my rig, cant decide between memory


I'm upgrading my system. This is what i'm planning to upgrade to.

ASUS mobo - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131363&cm_re=asus_ddr3_am3-_-13-131-363-_-Product

AM3 965 -

I'm not sure what i should go for in ram though. I'm going to be over clocking so i am going for good timings. This is what i'm looking at atm.




Which would be the better choice? I was thinking the mushkin because of timings but i would also end up loosing 2 gigs.
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  1. PS:: I am planning on running Win7 64 bit; a reason why i am leaning towards the 8 gigs..gah! lol
  2. do the 8gb ones. your mobo doesnt support triple channel, only dual channel, so you would lose lots of performance if you used the 3x2gb. also, 8gb is better than 4gb. so yeah, definitely use the 4x2gb modules
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