USB External HD not recognized by Windows XP

My Western Digital USB External Drive stopped being recognized by Windows XP. It was working fine two weeks ago. No new Hardware or software has been installed.
The External Drive does not show in any part in my computer, i.e. Device Manager or Windows Explorer, or the Task Bar. It is not there.
All other Devices work OK when connected to the same USB port, a memory stick, camera, Cellular Phone, etc.
I am not using a USB HUB.
The same External Drive works fine when connected to my Laptop. This Laptop also operates with Windows XP.
I have Windows XP Professional with 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600.
My PC is X86-based. Windows reports that all Standard IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers are working OK.
I searched the Community Pages and it seems like my problem is not unique. Also I found many “solutions” that did not work.
Western Digital, and me, believe that it is a Windows problem.
The Microsoft Support Group recommended unloading a HOT FIX as per KB Article Number 920875 BUT the Group does not assure me that this fix will work and suggested to consult with you to see if that fix applies to my problem.
Any suggestions?
Thank you for your help.

Julio A. Silva
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  1. MS support suggested you to to Tom's and ask if their fix will work for you? Priceless!

    Reset the BIOS on the PC (unplug the wall power, open the case and either pull out the BIOS battery or move the jumper to reset position for about 10 seconds).

    If that did not fix it, download and install the chipset driver from the PC vendor.
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