PCI Gigabit Ethernet NIC for Windows Server 2003

I am building a backup server for my home LAN. I am using an old Dell PC that I loaded up with SATA drives and a copy of Windows Server 2003. The existing NIC isn't Gigabit, so I want to add a new card.

The issue is that I don't have PCI Express on the motherboard. I only have PCI. I bought the Netgear GA311 card yesterday because I read that you can use a Realtek driver to run it on Windows Server 2003. I got the card to work but it won't connect at Gigabit speeds, nor do Jumbo frames work. Its useless.

Does anyone know of a Gigabit Ethernet card that supports Windows Server 2003, and is also PCI (not PCIe)?

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  1. What are you connecting the server to? Gigabit switch, gigabit router? If the other end is not gigabit capable you won't get gigabit speeds no matter what you do.
  2. Yes, this is a 5-port gigabit switch I am connecting to. One server, and one desktop are already connecting ok and getting a full gigabit connection.

    I am told that because the NIC is PCI (versus PCIe), it won't be fast enough to connect at gigabit.

    So that raises the question, why would Netgear market a PCI NIC as Gigabit, if in fact it will never reach gigabit speeds due to the PCI interface??
  3. PCI can run gigabit just fine. Try using the XP drivers for that card.
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