Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R high pitch noice when exiting BIOS and restartin

Whenever I exit my BIOS or restart my computer, a high pitched tone comes from the mobo for about 4-5 seconds. It happens before the computer begins to post. The screen stays black while it makes the noise and then everything starts up (note: my computer case doesn't have a speaker so it has nothing to do with the beep sequence). I have had no problems with my computer but am wondering if I should be concerned about this noise or if it is normal.. because I have not seen anyone else mention this and figured that if it was common, other people would ask about it too. Any insight as to what may be going on would be appreciated!

Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R
Core 2 Duo E8500
G.Skill PI Black DDR2 800
XIGMATEK 750W Modular
EVGA GTX 260 Core 216
WD Caviar SE16 640GB
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  1. This is coming from the MOBO? How did you determine this - have you taken it out of the case to confirm this? It just seems REALLY odd; I can't think of much in the circuitry on A MOBO that could do anything like this; the PWM fan control frequency is nominally 25kHZ, which your dog might hear; I suppose it might somehow generate a harmonic which might be audible. Switching-mode power supplies used to sometimes make their output transistor heat-sinks 'sing' at sart-up or high loads, but I haven't heard one since the eighties. If you haven't yet, try taking it out of the box & firing it up spread out on a flat surface to try to isolate the actual source...
  2. Am having issues like this too, but I have same motherboard. However I found out its the gpu that make the noises. Even in windows it does it and in bios and firefox and in games. Am gonna rma it soon.
  3. You know - I don't think this is uncommon; I recently put my graphics cards 'under water' (mainly to quit heating up the damned room it's in!); once I got rid of the fan howl, I noticed that, as soon as the GPUs start 'making a picture', at the point where they initialize in the BIOS, they make an odd humming sound - it's not all that annoying, I've grown used to it - but it's definitely there, 'cause, when the cards 'go to sleep' after a lull in use, the noise goes away with 'em! I've obviously had 'em apart (to mount the coolers), and the only thing I saw that might explain it is I have a pretty tall, finned aluminum cooler on the Vregs - that I had to leave alone, as Sapphire doesn't understand 'reference design', so my cooler 'tailpieces' didn't fit to replace the stock sink; I don't know what frequency the voltage regulation 'chops' at, but I'll bet it's (or has a harmonic) in the audio range, and the fins make nice resonators!
  4. First time I booted with this motherboard I never realised it. But then I keep hearing it even in windows. So I thought it was the motherboard because it sound like it was coming from just around the cpu area. I took out the gpu and the sound was gone. Then I put in the gpu in another computer and same high pitch sound. So its definantly the gpu for me. Try what I did and see if you still hear it. Also my gpu makes all kinds of noises when playing games, doing 3d applications, browsing(especially scowling), moving around windows, ati tool, you will hear the high pitch sound clearly when in the bios.
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