HELP! DIY Big Typhoon mounting

I am the new owner of a Gigabyte GA-MA74GM-S2 MB. I want to attach properly the Big Typhoon CPU cooler (HS) from Thermaltake that I ordered with it. I have read the Japlish instructions that came w/ the HS, but they are FAR from clear. I understand that I must remove the plastic "latch" that is attached to the MB around the CPU socket and that I must insulate the back of the MB with the plastic bit that was there to begin with. Now, I've got the right screws attaching the metal "cross" plate to the back of the MB and have enough thread length remaining to attach the copper plate to the top of the CPU with the remaining "cross" plate. My question is this: since the hexagonal spacer/nuts are too short to support the upper cross plate, how tight should I tighten the thumbscrews? I do not want to risk warping the MB, but the cooler weighs 800+ grams (that's nearly 1 3/4 pounds!).
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