Effective for i7 920 4ghz ?

just want to know if this HS would be good for i7 +++ OC to near 4ghz ...

i know people saying that the TRUE is awsome HS ..

is that the TRUE every1 talking about .. ???


btw for i7 920 owner , can post what overclock u got with i7 920 and what HS used+temp

thx u
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  1. Yep, that's a TRUE.

    I'm using a TRUE black on my 965, and I'm at 4.2GHz, peak prime95 temps of ~76-78C.
  2. this is not high ???
  3. I have an i7 920 D0 OC'ed to 3.5ghz with a Coolmaster Hyper 212.

    I idle at 36-40C and Prime95 up t 69C. The TIM is still curing as I installed it earlier today. I personally don't expect to go over 3.6ghz even after it's cured because it's important to me to have idle low enough that my fan isn't running full blast. I hate noisy systems.
  4. Don't forget that Prime 95 small FFTs is a great CPU stability test and a good temp load test. In gaming or general use it will be less than that. You hit 70C Prime 95 for 30 min, your CPU will be fine for a long time in normal use.

    For the OP, you need to read/learn at Frostytech for your HS needs. Sure the TRUE will be a great choice, but you can do the same/cheaper with others.

    BTW, reading forum posts and looking at the different forums availible would help you get the right answers.................
  5. Ci7 920 D0 @ 4ghz With HT, Using a TRUE lapped with push-pull fans. OCCT stress test 8hours 69/68/68/66C

    Conumdrum has a point, a Core contact freezer will do a great job and it costs alot less.

    Also a prolimatech megashadow will do well, but costs quite a bit.

    cj1 arent your temps alittle high?
  6. I'm running an i7 920 @3.6Ghz using an OCZ Vendetta 2 cooler with idle temps of 37C - 40C and 100% CPU load (Prime 95) temps of 68C - 71C give or take a degree.

    Your mileage may well vary depending on case configuration and peripherals most notably what graphics card you are using.

    My temp readings are with a fully loaded (GPU Folding) 9800GT graphics card being used.
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