Gigabyte RAID and ASUS EZ RAID

I hope that the answer I want to hear is out there......

I had an ASUS motherboard and two SATA harddrives (500 gb). A couple of years ago I put the computer together using their onboard EZ Raid. I set it up (and I don't remember the raid number right now) so the motherboard saw both drives as a single 1 tb drive. Then I partitioned it into three different drives.

Recently I thought my motherboard was fried (it wasn't fried, it was the power supply, but oh well) so I ordered a new one (Gigabyte) with new memory. I'd like to go with the new one since I can't return it at this point. It also has a couple RAID SATA plugs on it.

Here's my question / concern. Can I plug in the two hard drives into those SATA plugs and have it recognize the drives as I had them set up?

I didn't get a chance to back up all of my important stuff (and I have some less important stuff that won't fit on the backup drive I have and I would prefer not to lose, but it isn't crucial). I thought that I would re-setup my computer with the old motherboard, backup the important stuff, then install the new motherboard and hope. That would be kind of a pain in the ... so I'd prefer not doing that.

Any thoughts? Thank you so much for your help.
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  1. Are you referring to Asus EZ-Backup (you had it set as RAID0)? If so, it is most likely based on a Silicon Image controller. Unless Gigabyte also use a Silicon Image controller, it won't work.

    If the drives had been connected to the ICH, then compatibility would have been maintained.

    While it's a pain, your solution will work.
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