MaximumPC 4870 X2 review...seriously?

I don't what to believe anymore
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  1. What about it? It doesn't look at all strange to me.
  2. seems okay to me.
  3. I thought the X2 was 30% faster, this article shows it on par or less even:P haha but I guess they are proffesionals:)
  4. I love the "benchmarks" at the bottom right. Only half are playable and one is UT3.
  5. Here are the Average fps,

    4870 X2: 44.343 fps

    280 GTX: 43.743 fps

    that's like 3% increase over the 280 GTX:|
  6. Whats with the GRID score being so low on the 4870X2?
  7. They need to return that Q9770 apparently it is totally dead. I get over 30 FPS in Crysis at those settings, COMMON. And GRID?!?! I have never lagged in that game ONCE. 1 4870 X2 is on par with 2 280 GTXs not 1 280 GTX!
  8. The 4870 X2 is 30% faster than 1 280 GTX, I don't kno how accurate the Maximum PC mag is but I kno that alot of sites agree with that, there are some games that are different where teh 4870 X2 doubles the 280, GRID, HL2 etc.

    But everything else they avg @ 30% increase in performance.
  9. The Grid test shows worse numbers than I would expect with a single 4870... Even I get better fps at that res on my card. Not just that but I would expect the X2 to completely demolish the GTX280 in COD4. Even a single 4870 can match the 280 in that game. Looks like they got everything messed up. And I am a MaximumPC subscriber (just paid $40 a few days ago and all I get is BS, what happened their NO BS policy?)..rather disappointed.
  10. Meh. I wouldn't put too much stock in it. They may have messed up the review somehow. I don't really look much at hardware reviews in printed media anymore except maybe to show someone an example of why an nVidia 8400 sucks :D .
  11. I'm very confused by the whole review. The benchmarks are just embarrassing since it was expected to make quite a leap. Yet they give such a high score anyways. So this can't be a Nvidia Biased review because of the final score and its certainly not flattering the card any to those who know those benchmarks are a real disappointment... I'm not even convinced that they actually benchmarked it.

    Also what the heck is up with using X-men and X-Factor for the Pros and Cons. I understand it but its not funny.
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