My HDD is making bad noises hdd is making some strange noises please help

Win7 64bit
7gb ram
intel Q6600
ati radeon 5770
2 x internal HDD

Symptoms: A few months back I installed a new HDD for some extra space. At the time i was on win XP. It worked fine, no problems. Then a few weeks later when my graphics card died and I needed a new one, I decided to go the whole hog and install Win7 64bit. The first I noticed was the second internal HDD was taking a few seconds to respond. It would make an audible 'click' and then respond. For example, I would launch win explorer, double click on 'D:' and have an empty window a few seconds then 'click whirrr' it would respond.

Things getting worse: Today I noticed that it was making some very odd noises, as you can tell if you watched the youtube link. its like the boot noise but its very intermittent. It happened this morning when I had been running some CAD renderings and again today during a game (BFBC2 beta). It seems to come from nowhere and goes after a reboot. The files are still accessible and nothing seems borked when I check it..

please help if you have any ideas
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  1. The HDD is failing and will die soon. Disconnect the HDD until you have a replacement. You may be able to "clone" the old HDD to a new HDD without losing all your data by using the HDD mfrs' disk utility software (downloadable from the mfrs' website).
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