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hi guys
My pc wont load into windows, it comnes up as error loading windows,, press ctrl alt dlt to restart,, it constantly loops on this.
I work for a company that runs on a linux based os,, so even though my pc wouldnt boot into windows, i could boot from cd and still work. until yesterday,, it started to load, then stopped.

problem is, that every time i take it to the shop to be repaired it works fine,, no issues at all,,I bring it home it works for a day or so and then its back to the same errors

i have left all my external devices out such as EXT HD, as we thought may be that,, still no joy. ,, no pc, means no work,, means no pay,, its driving me nuts

it is driving me mad and im sure the poor guy in the shop think im going mad.
please has anyone got any suggestions.
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  1. Sounds like a software problem, if it only is broken for you. The lone variable in that mix is your OS cd that you boot from, right?

    That being said, hardware does go bad. When I check errors that are intermittent, the main things I am looking at are the RAM, and HDD. If you could swap those 2 items and try again, that may help you narrow things down.

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