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I want mobos(especially p35) on which Linux(preferably Ubuntu) can be installed without promblem. Iam a novice in Linux. But i ran KNOPPIX & UBUNTU Live CD on my old Sys. Now iam buying new Sys. But i heard that some Mobos cant run Linux Properly. like some JMicron bug. And they dont recognize SATA drives. In my new build i want to run only UBuntu OS. no Windows. PLz suggest a suitable Mobo for $90
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    find a motherboard you like, then check it against the list. P35 boards are plentiful, and drivers are common, you should not run into any trouble finding one to settle with.
  2. oh, and as for recommendation - Asus p5k series seem to have good reviews and they are under a hundred bucks here and there.
  3. Thank u for a good link
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