Help Needed!!!!!! Q6600 Alarming Temps!!!

Guys, please help!!!! WTH's going on? I recently opened my stock Intel cooler to check out if my case would fit a new cooler which I'd thought of buying. Then I ran prime95 for less than 20 mins. When I came back and got a look at this, I nearly dies. Shut off my comp immediately, opened the case and directed my portable fan right at the CPU. Then I started it. Even after underclocked to 2GHz, it is idling at 70C as I type. Take a look:

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  1. Umm yes, that is a little high... (90deg - ouchers)

    If your heat sink still attached and is the fan working? Something is very wrong.
  2. re-seat the heatsink
  3. I don't think the heatsink is not plugged correctly into the motherboard. You have to press harder than you probably like to to put it in place.
  4. I didnt mean the double negative.
  5. Reapply thermal compound too!
  6. I'm not going to use my computer until I get my new cooler. Something is very wrong. Going to reinstall heatsink. Don't have any thermal paste in hand. :(
  7. Core 3 and 4 are not that bad, 1 and 2 are..........
  8. you should get new paste before doing anything else. Don't use the pc since the cpu is not properly cooled.

    Allways clean the old goo and apply new paste when removing/installing heatsink. The paste cooks and cures while it's heated up and breaking that bond (ie removing the sink) pretty much ruins the heat conductive properties of the pastelayer
  9. Even without paste it shouldn't idle at 70 C. Check out the voltage as well.
    The uneven temp is a clear sign that the heatsink is not placed correctly.
  10. If the temperatures weren't that high before, have you knocked a fan header (cpu or case)? Maybe knocked something into the blades to stop it from spinning?
  11. what do you mean by ' i recently open my stock intel cooler? ' did you remove it from the cpu?
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  13. Thanks for the help guys. Reseated the heatsink and everything is back to normal. At stock speeds, idling at 50C
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