What raid mode do I use for a single sata master hdd

Okay so I got this 300GB sata hdd today, (very cheap, probably broken with my luck.) So I unplugged my old 80 gigger IDE drive and plugged that in. I still have a cd-r drive plugged in to the only ide port there is. Previously ide hd and cd rom were on the same cable, cd rom set to slave.

So now I have an IDE cd rom and sata hdd. I put the xp disk in and boot up and the first thing I get is some flashing RAID Mirror thingy missing, then an ntld something or other missing. when I boot from cd it doesn't find a hard drive. It says set up did not find any hard disk drives installed on your computer.

When the detecting array screen first comes up I have the option of hitting f10 to enter the "mediashield utility where apparently I can define a new array. It has RAID mode (spanning, striping, mirroring, striped mirrorring and RAID 5) I have no clue which one to choose here.

Then it has Striping block (4k, 8k, 16k 32k, 64k, 128k and optimal) I'm guessing optimal here.

Then 2 boxes underneath. One says free disks and the other array disks. My drive is listed under free disks. I guess what I need to understand is what RAID do I use? I tried RAID 5 and got wrong number of disks selected. It I do spanning it asks me if I want to delete data. I'm suppose to know this stuff but apparently my retention sucks!


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  1. What I also don't understand is why is it even trying to use an array or whatever when I'm only trying to use a single hard drive? Do I even need RAID? I'm thinking not.
  2. AHA! It was set to RAID mode in bios. I switched it to SATA and it seems to be loading XP! Now it'll take forever to boot because I all ready know that's what happens when you have an ide and an sata together but at least I've got windows loading. I'll throw in an sata cd rom drive in later. Not bad though, a 300GB hard drive for 30 bucks, ya gotta love ebay! I'm glad I was able to help me out! lol

    Have a wonderful evening!

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