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i want to set up 2 wireless routers on one network. one of the wirless routers i want to have locked down just for me and the other i want my friends and family to use. is it possible
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  1. I have this arrangement. Connect the ethernet cable from the modem to the router (call it #1) you want to be generally available. Assign router #1 a LAN address like Set up the WAN side of this router as though it would be the only one you use, and verify that it connects to your ISP and that everyone who should can access the internet. Then connect an ethernet cable from any LAN output of router #1 to the WAN ethernet connection on the second router (#2). Assign router #2 a different LAN address, in my case. Make sure that router #2 is in static address mode on the WAN side, and set its gateway address to the address of router #1. You can set the primary DNS address of router #2 to be the gateway address, or else give it a static address, for example, your ISP's. You need to realize that with this setup your friends and family LAN, which is served by router #1, will be different from the LAN you use. Thus you will be unable to access the drives on those computers through Explorer, and backing them up will be somewhat more difficult. In my case I have the wireless turned off on router #1 because the computers that use it connect via ethernet cable. Good luck.
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