Help needed to overclock my acer aspire 5534 pll

Hey guys im new but i need to know does anyone know the pll for my setup its acer aspire 5534 or is there any auto detection programs that will auto find the pll and let over clock. and is there a program that can read your computer and tell the the pll it is running? i would really appreciate the help
ican help other of the boards as much as i can i just really need help right now
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  1. Also my chipset is Acer rs780 and the processor is a AMD athlon 64 tf-20 1.6ghz
  2. Look for a program called clockgen, or a program called powerstrip.
    However, be warned that overclocking a laptop is not generally a good idea.
    Besides shortening your battery life, heat is your big enemy here. You can ruin your laptop pretty fast if it gets too hot.
  3. yeah ive tried both clockgen and powerstrip powerstrip got my gpu to 665mhz and clockgen requires a pll which is my biggest issue i cant find out the pll and i dont really want to take my laptop apart if you get what i mean
    and yeah heat is an issue im not gonna be doing like a 900mhz boost i jsut want a bit more so it doesnt hang as much during certain things if theres anyway you could help me find the pll for my setup id be incredibly appreciative
  4. What exactly is a "pll" ?
  5. the pll is like the id number for system computer generators i dunno how to explain it but its needed to get the right readings of my FSB and other bus speeds in certain overclocking programs
  6. It is SLG8SP626V
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