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I have an older Pentium 4computer,purchased around 2005,running Windows XP Home.It has 265 MB of DDR RAM,video built into the motherboard,and a 30 GB hard drive.The case and motherboard are generic types.The monitor is a CRT and has a 1024x768 display. All these specs were typical at the time for basic home systems.I want to upgrade the computer to make it faster.What would you recommend as a cheap upgrade that will make a big difference,and what is your overall recommendation this has really been bothering me for a while and i really need to know?
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  1. The easiest and cheapest is to upgrade the amount of RAM. Look in your motherboard manual or search your motherboard model no. online and find out the capacity for your motherboard. The next would be to upgrade the hard drive. You can find a 160gb 5400 RPM PATA on eBay for about 25.00 used or on NewEgg.com for about 50.00 new.
  2. 2 gig of RAM, new hard-drive (although get a 7200rpm, that's the standard desktop speed), an add-on video card, should be about $100 if you get everything new.

    I'd get used RAM, used video card, new hard drive. RAM and hard drive will make the most difference unless you are also playing movies, then you'd want a video card also. Check your motherboard for what it will accept as far as RAM types and video card.
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