260 GTX or 4870 OR save money & get 4850

[#0046b8] i know may be you talked befor about that but i want to ask about my opinion is right and as per this tests:


the 4870 is compared with 260 GTX & may be they are head to head but the ATI has high temp. and i dont know it worth to get it or no

also i saw that 4850 is not bad it has very good results just in crysis it has 5 fps back than 4870 so can i save money around 100$ and get 4850?? what do you think really i am so confused and i want to get stabel card and dont want to pay a waste money

playing now on res. 1280x1024, & may be i will get new LCD so i will go to 1680x1050
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  1. At higher resolutions a 260 or a 4870 would be the better choice than the 4850. At 1650x1080 and lower any of the three would be fine. The 260 and the 4870 are still worth the xtra cash though, because you will be able to turn up in game settings higher than with the 4850 at high resolutions and settings.
  2. With lower settings, a 4850 / 9800 GTX will be enuff, but with more demanding settings you might want to go with a 260.
  3. 1. I'd save your money and go for the 4850 and when you can buy either another one or buy the next gen.

    The current Nvidia line up is nothing to write home about. Ati's problems with temperature should be solved too and maybe look for a different cooler, not standard cooler. Some companies sell great ones.

    Hmm, following your link I see the 260 does better on lower resolution with no AA, some games prefer the one or other.

    Just look at the games you will play. If the 260 is higher, get that one, if the 4870 is higher get that one.

    or don't waste your money and get a 4850 anyway.
  4. thank you all for your help

    there is any info about (Aftermarket cooling ) but any thing different than water cooling
  5. I'd wait for the 4850 X2, see how prices shift, because they will:)
  6. I have a Visiontek 4870 and if I had it to do all over again I'd get 260.

    It's been a disappointment on several fronts:
    It runs hot... I don't care if a chip is designed to run at 75c, it's messed up
    Fan is bloody loud
    HD Video encoding through catalyst doesn't support MTS
    PowerDirector was/is? suppose to release support for ATI hardware encoding
    Instead, they just announced CUDA support... Hope they do... if not I'm tossing the 4870.
  7. After being an Nvidia user for every one of my systems for the last... almost 20 years, I switched to an ATI 4870 after reading so many good things about them. I'm happy with my 4870, it's not too loud at all, it's a little warm but runs everything just fine. With the new Catalyst 8.10, there is a manual fan control now so if you wanted to you can cool it down some.

    That being said, many would argue that the 4850 is probably the best bang for your buck.
  8. Well i have a 4870 visiontek and ITS GREAT

    1. I have the fan set to 40% and its not too loud, at idle im at 38c and load is about 60-63c Thats not hot.
    2. yes its louder than my old 3870 but i can max all my games at 1080p res. Most games can have AA turned up to 4 or 8x but not with cyrsis...only 2x

    I got it over a month ago and it was 250 on sale.

    I heard that the 4870 1 gb is good but i just have a 512 one.

    Hope this helped.
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