What is likely causing the issue... Graphics Card? Drivers? ETC???

When I first bought my HIS 5970 card it had some initial glitches when I downloaded and installed the drivers off the ATI website. After installing the drivers there was artifacting all over the screen, I couldnt' run furmark without the screen freezing (and there were blue frozen screen issues as well). I reinstalled windows and then reinstalled the drivers from the HIS disk that came with the card and those artifacts all over the entire screen appear to have diminished.

Now it seems there are random issues. They are random enough and rare enough that I have a hard time repeating them. They don't occur during an hour of furmark or OCCT. The artifacting doesn't occur, but what does occur is two things: a blue screen that freezes and vertical stripes across the screen. The vertical stripes are blue and green and very small and make a regular pattern across the whole screen that is frozen (quite pretty actually...). I have to reboot whenever these happen. I decided to play around a little with the clock speeds to troubleshoot the card itself and see if it incurred more instances of these crashes and freezes; it does seem to increase the chances of a crash of the type I have been experiencing.

I'm not sure if it is the GPU or the memory that is having the issues (I suspect it is the video card memory...). Does anyone know how I can explicitly test each on separately? Even if I single out each to overclock it slightly to incur the crashes, I can't be sure which one is causing the problem (right?) as the system is a gestalt and the parts are not being tested separately.

Is this a driver issue potentially or graphics card? Any fixes out there? I know it is a very new card, so I hesitate to return it to Newegg because God knows how long it will take to get a replacement.... Besides which, I have a second one coming for Crossfire tomorrow, so I suppose I can switch one in and out and see if the same problem occurs again.

I've tested all the other components and nothing else seems to be problematic. I've run all Prime95 modes for 12 hours+ (more than once!!); I've run Memtest86 3.4. for 9 passes; I've run all kinds of benchmarks; I completed Cryses over the last couple of days, which pushed the card pretty hard and did cause it to crash a few times during the entire adventure, though I did have everything set to the highest quality settings...

Any ideas??? OCCT Graphics memory test can't access my card's memory to test it for some reason, so I am not sure what program to use. Also, ATITool doesn't seem to be able to fully access my card either.

I'm going to reinstall windows to see if there are any issues in Windows itself after all of the system tweaking I did initially, now that everything is stabilized, but I don't want to do this if the 5970 is still crashing, as I don't want to have to reinstall a third time........
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    that happens to me i have 2 5970's in cf . i beleave its in the driver give it time ati will get it right
  2. mcghee70 said:
    that happens to me i have 2 5970's in cf . i beleave its in the driver give it time ati will get it right

    Thanks for the reply. The problem did go from worse to better in the 9.12 upgrade, so I think you are correct.

    BTW, I'm running two 5970s also!! Talk about total overkill, but I just couldn't resist. This new machine build is going in my new Home Theater for superwide screen gaming on a Sim2 Lumis projector!!!

    The only hardware issue I have right now seems to be a failed hard drive in my RAID10 array.

    Do you get faulty window loads on your setup? Seems like every other time I start my system it doesn't fully load. I'm wondering if that is Catalyst driver related as well....
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