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I need some help before I go out on this venture. I have a nvidia 9800 GX2, the Samsung Touch of Color T260HD, and a HD calbe receiver. My question is....

If I hookup the HD receiver directly to my graphics card via HDMI and then with a separate cable (dvi male to hdmi cable male) hookup to my monitor/televison, will I get my television channels on my monitor? Will the signal from the HD receiver to the graphics card be viewable on my display? If so, what will the steps be to switch back and forth between outputs. The reason I am trying to hookup this way is because I want to take advantage of my PCs surround sound for viewing television. Thanks for any help.
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  1. 18 views and no help? lol
  2. The graphics card needs to be capable of handling Video-In/Video-Out (VIVO) in order for you to connect your cable box to it as an input. I do not think your graphics card has that functionality, but I can't be sure without knowing the brand name.

    What you'll probably end up doing is buying a HD capable TV Tuner Card and plugging that into your system.

    -Wolf sends
  3. I understand what you are saying Wolf... my card doesn't have VIVO.... I checked. So I want to get a HD tuner and connect it to my HD cable box? Will I still receive the full 1080p format like i would if I plugged the HD cable box directly into my T260HD television/monitor? And will the sound from my surround sound system on computer play audio from the HD cable box? If so, what is one of the high quality tuners out there on the market? thanks.
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