How to Transfer Data Between Two Hard Drives in LINUX

Dear sir,
Could you please tell me How to Transfer Data Between Two Hard Drives in LINUX ?
I hope a positive response from any one else,
thanks in advance
Meressa Abrha
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  1. You did not specify what kind of Linux you are using.
    Also not whether your disks are SATA/PATA etc.

    But generally, you can try the dd command.

    First, open a terminal, and execute:

    dmesg | grep sd

    exactly like that, it should give you a list of your harddrives (/dev/sda or /dev/sdb). Once you know which is which, by looking at the size of the drives, you can try the dd command below:

    sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=1M

    NOTE: In this example /dev/sda is the source/read device and /dev/sdb is the target/destination device, adjust accordingly. This command will read from disk /dev/sda and write to /dev/sdb, causing /dev/sdb to be an exact copy of /dev/sda. /dev/sdb needs to be at least as large as /dev/sda.

    WARNING: any mistakes with the dd-command, such as using the wrong device names, may lead to total data loss. Use with care!
  2. Note: my commands will make a clone of /dev/sda and write it to /dev/sdb. If you don't want to clone but just copy files of two normal disks with NTFS on it, you shouldn't use my dd-command.

    Please in the future add more information to your query so we may help you with more targeted and specific advice.
  3. > sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=1M

    ...and just as a cautionary note - don't type this command in verbatim! As sub mesa described, make sure you know which device ("/dev/sdx") is which before you start and use the right device names in the right positions in the command. That last thing you want to do is copy in the wrong direction!
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