Benefits of overclocking...

What are the main benefits of overclocking you cpu?

I know it increases the speed of the processor, but what affect does that have on anything you might do on a computer?

Is it mostly for the purpose of gaming, or is it other things like downloading/uploading, running multiple apps?

I want to know because I'm planning on overclocking. (with someone elses help of course)

Would overclocking from 2.4 ghz to 3.0 ghz have a large effect on fps in games, or is it practically all just your graphics card/cards doing all of the work?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer.
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    If you OC your CPU, anything and everything will be faster, For example: Installing a program OR playing a game, of course the gain in speed depends on how much you OC.

    OCing your CPU can also get rid of bottlenecks. For example: If your playing a game and your CPU is holding back the full power of your GPU then OCing your CPU will get rid of the bottleneck, and in turn gain you extra performance.

    I guess the main reason for OCing is to increase overall performance. But your electric bill might go up alittle and also heat output will increase.

    ~There are dangers too, heavily OCing will reduce the life span of your CPU (or whatever your OCing) and extreme OC can kill your CPU ( and/or other components).

    BTW: Don't think someone is going to walk you through OCing, Theres a reason for the OCing stickies at the top of the "Overclocking" section
  2. Thanks for your response.

    I'll read up on it I guess, I only want a modest overclock, nothing that will kill the cpu.

    I'll take it VERY slow... :lol:
  3. Normal every day task like browsing the internet,watching a movie,opening apps. you wont see any difference at all.

    You really wont see much if any difference when gaming either.
    If you run FRAPS and watch before and after an OC ya might see 5fps difference probably 10max but this depends on your hardware.
    What resolution you play at...
    What CPU and GPU you run....
    What game you play...
    How much memory you have...

    If you have a set up that wont play a game smoothly, overclocking wont hardly even help.
    The one big improvement you will see from overclocking is in benchmarks and benchmarks only.

    What are your computers specs?
  4. I have a Q6600 (stock as of this moment) with two gts 250s in sli, 4 gigs of ddr2 ram at 800mhz, all on a 750i motherboard.

    I play at 1920x1200, I guess I play all sorts of games. I've recently been playing MW2 and I've been having some lag spikes, thought overclocking would help. I've already oced my gpus, but what do you think about ocing RAM, is it really worth it?

    BTW, thanks so much and I'm sorry I took so long to respond.
  5. MW2 IMO is the most laggy game ever.

    Your PC is fine for MW2, Run FRAPS whilst playing MW2 to see how many FPS your getting, you really want it above 50.

    I have a Core i7 920 at 4ghz and a HD5850 OC'd and each and every game its laggy as ****

    Ocing ram would make no differance at all in MW2, also its hard to OC RAM much at all, at best you might get 150mhz more.
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