ICH9R and load balancing for RAID1 ?

Hi guys,
does RAID1 array on Intel ICH9R controller (on GB EP35-DS3R motherboard) provide drive load balancing ? In other words, will the array provide read speed same to single disk, or better ? what about queuing/parallel processing of requests ? I just cant google it..

note : here http://www.intel.com/design/chipsets/matrixstorage_sb.htm Intel says "Also, due to drive load balancing, even systems with RAID 1 can take advantage of faster boot times and data reads.", but i am not really sure if it is only nice theory about RAID1, or reality about ICH9R :) Cant find any tests, numbers...

Thanx, and sorry for my english, i am from Europe :))
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  1. geom_mirror driver in FreeBSD and ZFS does do load-balancing on RAID1s. I'm not sure about Intel RAID drivers.
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