Inspiron 8200 laptop - is win XP in drive E

I have an old - 6 years!!! - Inspiron 8200 which I wish to format. It appears to have o/s (Win XP pro) in drive E.
If I just format 'C' will laptop reboot without reloading Windows?
If i move Drivers files into 'E' will they be saved also?
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  1. Do you just want to format it or re-install Windows? Do you have the XP disks or a restore partition on the laptop?

    If you just format the C drive, Windows won't start, even if th emain OS part was loaded on E:. If you have files you want to keep, you can move them to the E: partiton, format C: and install Windows on that, and E: will stay as is. Just don't accidently delete E as well.
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