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I am planning to buy a gaming rig and need help for the same. I want to ensure that I am not overspending on some of the components while ensuring that there will be no bottlenecks.

I reside in India, that makes the hardware 5-25% costlier than USA (25-50% in case of graphic cards).

The config Ihave chosen is:

1. Mobo- Asus P5Q Pro- Rs.9000 ($191)

2. Processor- I am confused which one should i go for. I can get:
Q9300 for Rs. 12250 ($260)
Q6600 for Rs. 9000 ($191)
E8500 for Rs. 8000 ($170)
From what I've read, E8500 seems to be the best option.

3. Ram- The price difference between DDR2 800 Mhz and DDR2 1066 Mhz is double. for this reason I have decided to go for an 800 Mhz one. I am going for a 4 GB DDR2 800 Mhz Corsair Ram which will cost me Rs. 5500 ($117)

4. Monitor- 22'' LCD (Samsung)

5. Graphic Card- ATI Radeon 4870 X2 (A cousin of mine is getting this from australia for about 500 USD. In India the cheapest deal I am getting is $680.

My questions are:
1. which processor should i go for. I intend to use it for gaming only.
2. How important is a cabinet's role? Is it worth taking an inferior cabinet (one that costs about $50) or go for a $100 one?
3. Should I go for an HDMI monitor ($361) or will an ordinary 22'' ($244) suffice
4. My local dealer told me that importing a graphic card might prove a bad decision in the long run as it will not by any warranty locally whereas for 180$ more I am getting 5 years of warranty. Do GPUs usually have problems?? Should I get one from australia or get one locally??
5. ATI's site says the minimum power requirement is 650W. Should I go for 650W or will I need about 700-750W? The price difference between 650W and 750W is about $60-$70.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Games in the future will probably be more like Crysis, so I would jump on the quad-core bandwagon now. Of course, that's a ways down the road so it may be best to invest just into a dual-core. Either way, the E5800 and the Q6600 can be had at the same price. However, Quad's like 1066 mem. better and you'll need to beef up your power supply more so it is a tad more costly that way. Also you'll probably get more performance out of your Dual-core right now for just about all your games. So equal or better performance on the dual-core front, and it's cheaper. I'd go with the E8500. To me a cabinet/case's best trait is its asethitics. I like a case that looks good, sleek, and professional. Another very important trait is air movement through the case. You'll find that Antec, Cooler Master and a few others do this the best. I used a friends 22" Samsung (The 2 ms one) and the quality was fantastic just through DVI (which is virtually equal to HDMI). And that was from a cheap 4x/8x AGP card.

    I'd rather have a part covered by warranty and be a little bit more, then save money and run the risk of having to spend it again on a replacement.

    I've never had a bad experience with a PSU yet, so in my opinion the 650 Watter would probably suffice. Depends on the whole picture.
  2. Fwertz said:

    I've never had a bad experience with a PSU yet, so in my opinion the 650 Watter would probably suffice. Depends on the whole picture.

    Depends on the whole picture?? what does that mean?
  3. does the manufacturer matter when it comes to a graphic card?? which one should i go for- gigabyte, palit, MSI, powercooler etc....
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