Is CrossfireX limited to 4 cards or 4 gpus?

Had a odd thought ten minutes or so ago, and it was this...

Say for example your made of money and are thinking of building an AMD/ATI Spider platform. I know that you can have mobo's with four PCI-E slots the MSI K9A2 790FX for example. Now if you had the 4870 x2 with a waterblock fitted you could easily connect four of them onto the mobo. That would be 8 GPU's it total...

What i can't find however, is how much CrossfireX can scale to ref ATI's webpage. The combo chart is out of date with only a two card option... :pfff:

ATI CrossFireX technology allows you to expand your system’s graphics capabilities. It allows you the ability to scale your system’s graphics horsepower as you need it, supporting up to four ATI Radeon™ HD graphics cards, making this the most scalable gaming platform ever.

Does ATI CrossFireX Only Benefit The High-End Cards?

No. ATI CrossFireX technology brings a whole new level of gaming experience throughout our products line-up. Whether you have an entry level or top end solution, ATI CrossFireX will raise the bar in bringing the ultimate performance and visual experience.

Yes I know you'd need to be rich with an uber PSU, but with above in mind is CrossfireX limited to 4 GPU's or 4 GFX cards?
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  1. it's 4 GPUs for now, maybe more in the future
  2. Yup, 4 GPUs.
  3. Ta fella's, nevermind it'll just stay a dream concept for the time being at least :).
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