Gigabyte UD5 X58 - Help me out!!

Hello there.

I'm wondering if I should buy Gigabyte UD5 X 58 for my i7 920.

So far I have heard good and bad things about it, I will list them up:

- OC pretty well
- Good quality
- You get alot for the price (price/value)
- Some says BIOS sucks?
- If you place a big CPU cooler, it blocks for the DDR3_1 dimm?
- The PCI-express slots stands too close? It will be a issue, if you are going SLI/CF ?

Can anyone sort these questions out by writing their experience with this board? I think the reviews are so different, that i don't know what to believe.

Therefore i really really want to know what the consumer thinks of this board? Is the "cons" which i listed up really, and do they play a big role ?

Please tell me your experience, I will be so happy!

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All in all nice board bios is good running F4k no problems at all. I am running sli but if u spread the cards out 2 first slot and third slot no problems at all. Just like using first 2 slots only prob with this config top card runs about 2 2 4 degrees higher. I run the thermaltake 120 extreme, turned horizontal and yes the first slot is covered. But you will not be using that slot unless you have 6x2 12gig 6x1 6gig I opted for 3x2 6 gig but also depending on what memory you are using the gskill 1600 with the blue heat spreaders will fit under the heatsink no problems and runs quit well at 1976. The only caveats I have found so far is the location of the battery may need to pull first vid card but no big deal. and no 2 is when running windows 7 x64 I cannot use any driver for vid but wdm 1.1 any other driver causes some kind of scanning issues horizontally, But windows 7 32 bit i can load any driver for vid and have no problems what so ever, so that leads me to belive its a windows x64 issue some where just cannot find it. Also if running with windows wdm1.1 sli is not enabled at all on this system but only in 32 bit it is. I have ran all sli games in 32 bit easily windows x64 it wont do it at all. and overclocking on this board is great its like a first date have to take ya time.


Will the Thermaltake 120 also cover the first ram_dimm on other mobos? Like Evgas or Asus? And do other mobos got the same problems, that 3 way SLI videocards are running too close to each other.

What does f4k means?

You write that two card placed in pci_1 and pci_2 will run "2-2-4" degrees higher? do you mean 2-4 degrees? I dont got a clue what ur meaning by putting a "2" in front of a "2"

If you run SLI and put a videocard in pci_1 and pci_3, don't the videocard that I put in pci_3 run 8x - instead of x16? Correct me if I am wrong.
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  1. My response: you shouldn't have bought the i7 in the first place. Unless you're extremely technically astute, AND have a real reason to use stuff that is, in essence, a public beta - like, the need to develop s'ware/h'ware in advance of widespread adoption - why ask for problems? I was recently amused by a series of posts about problems w/Windows7 on a UD5: here we have someone running a beta OS, on a beta platform, w/a beta CPU - my God, it's like purposely shooting yourself in the foot, and then whining about having to change the bandage twice a week!
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