4870x2 Weird Noise under load help

I just bought a Saphire 4870x2 and while under load with any game or using 3dmark06 it has a really bad noise like theres something grinding or squeeling noise coming from it. It doesnt do it at idle only in games and benchmarks. Any Suggestions to what this might be, bought it from newegg so i have the 26 days left for RMA. Is this common? Also my Benchmarks for 06 is only at 13950...Is that low for my system? seems like it is to me....

OS:Vista Ult 64
MOBO: Asus m3a78-t 790fx
CPU: AMD Phenom 9950 BE
RAM: G.Skill 2gb
GPU: Sapphire 4870x2
PSU: PC Power and Cooling 750W SLI
HD: 250 GB WD
Case: Antec 900
Drives: CDR-DVD 52x
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  1. As in the squeal from metal bearings, or just a jet engine taking off sort of vacuum cleaner noise? If the sound of metal bearings grinding, RMA the card. You do NOT want the fan to fail and your card to gently suggest smores for dinner.
  2. If you mean a brief 3-10 second high pitched squeel, then this is normal for this card. Or at least, mine does the same thing and it has been running like a champ for 6+ weeks, so don't sweat it man, just gotta ignore it.
  3. Must be a war cry.
  4. yea, the card is just so beastly.
  5. No it actually does it constantly, throughought the whole time im playing the game, more especially when Iturn a corner in the game or something visually happens in the game that would make the card process more. It seems like the sound comes from above the fan (I think were the Chip is). It just does not seem normal to me. Ive read on other forums people have the same issues, I think I might try my PSU, it could be the culprit, but I would think a 750W would be fine, thoug with a 140W processor I could be wrong. hmmmmm......
  6. If it's really high pitched and seems worse on visual ques it's most likely capacitor noise. I wish the card makers would do something about it because a lot of people have this on their cards now. It's becoming some sort of **** standard everyone with highend cards has to live with.
  7. Im starting to really think its a PSU issue. I know my PSU is on the ATI list even for multi/crossfire GPU's but I Have a Anthec 900 case with all those fans, 2 HD's a DVDCDRW and a 140w CPU,

    The Framerates on my games are crap, Ive manually turned up the fans even on the GPU to cool everything to make sure its not a heat issue but does nothing.

    Im at a loss guys....Ive researched but found very little on the squeeling....And framerates are bad...Since i spent 550 on a GPU i have very little for a 300$ PSU 1k atleast, any suggestions?
  8. Did you get that fixed?
    i have a DP45SG
    700w PSU
    1TB harddrive
    2 dvd/cd drives
    and HIS 4870x2

    Mine makes thst noise to.
    Thanks 3rmac
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