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I bought yesterday a p55 motherboard serie, gigabyte GA-P55-UD2 with OCZ Gold XTC CZ3G2000LV2G 4gb Dual channel 2gbx1 and Core i 5 2.66Mhz lynffield

The bios Says me that the memory is 1066Mhz and my OCZ is 2000Mhz, I don't know to much about overclock but when i go to memory frequencys only i can overclock to 1333Mhz and I want to overclock to 1600Mhz What i have to do ?
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  1. Just change your memory multiplier in the Bios.


    Bclk : 133 X 10 (multiplier) = 1333
    133 X 12 = 1600

    Also make sure it has the right timing and voltage set.
  2. The bios only let me overclock the memory 133x10 no more 10x its de last option
  3. RJR said:

    You own an i7-860 instead if I am not mistaken.

    The IMC of i5 only allows a max of 10x multiplier!
  4. @OP: In order to run your RAM at 1600MHz, you need to increase your BCLK to 160.
    In addition, you need to decrease your CPU multiplier to 17x if you want to stay near native frequency of your CPU.
  5. andy5174 said:
    The IMC of i5 only allows a max of 10x multiplier!

    Geeze, that sucks......... :(
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