Noctua 1156 with corsair airflow ?

Hi everyone, I bought some new hardware and like almost everyone who's concerned by the proper working of its own rig, I checked the temps and noticed that the Intel cooler given with the i7 860 ain't worth Sh**.

So, I checked a few sites and ordered a Noctua NH-U12P SE2 for my p7p55de deluxe.

The thing is, I also bought Corsair Dominator 8 gb of ram, that comes with a airflow cooler that takes some place over the memory.

In the end, when I see some pictures of the Noctua heatsink on a few mobos, I can see that it takes some space over the RAM, where, you have already guessed, my corsair airflow is.

My question is, is this going to be a problem if 1 or 2 of the ram are not properly cooled by the corsair cooler ? I've got 2x120mm on the door of my rig, directly blowing at the mobo, and another 120mm sucking the air out, on the back of the rig, upper side of the mobo. So to say, internal airflow is OK!

And of course, if you can advise a better cooling device / same but less problematic for about the same price as the Noctua, please do !

Thanks for your time and all the best =)

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  1. Unless you are overclocking the crap out of the memory, it will be fine with just case air flow.
  2. You can unscrew the top part of the cooler on the Dominator, and it should clear the fan. It does with the Prolimatech here.
  3. thanks for the help ! I've mounted the Noctua and the temp dropped while iddle for 15-20° C and at full charge for 20-25°C !

    O.c.-ed a bit:

    asus p7p55de deluxe
    i7 860 > 2.8 ghz now @ 3.6 ghz
    seems to run just fine!

    managed to boot at 4 ghz @ 1.35v but dont wanna to push anymore, very happy with 3.6 !
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