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Good morning/afternoon/evening. I currently have an Asus x1950pro pci-e crossfire edition w/256MB. I am considering picking up another card with the same specs to use it in crossfire mode. I have been unable to find any information at all online indicating how it will perform on the most common games, in comparison with other dx9 and dx10 cards.

Does anyone here have a x1950pro crossfire setup? I should be able to get another x1950pro for $50 or so online. Does that sound worth it, or should I upgrade to a single 3800 series? I'm not looking for top of the line performance, just the most bang for the buck performance increase for the money. I also have been unable to find a list of current games that support crossfire/sli. Thanks.

-- MaSoP
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    toms charts should help there. look them up

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it appears toms never included the x1950 pro in crossfire mode for some reason in any of the charts, 2006 or 2008. I'm left with comparing a single x1950pro to a 1900xt, 1900xtx, 1950xt or x1950xtx as well as those 4 models in crossfire mode.

    Some games seem to provide as much as a 25-50% or better improvement in frame rates, even in high resolution/aa scenarios. All I can do is play with some numbers on the calculator to estimate what my improvement may be in a given game based on those indirect figures. I'm mainly concerned with 1024x768 resolution performance, so anything higher isn't an issue.

    -- MaSoP
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    oh and at that res, go for a single card, whilst crossfire wil show gaina at any resolution depending on how stressful a game is, that res is just far too low. IMO.

    Well, I'd play higher if the resolution could be handled. My processor may be a bottleneck (x2 3800+) if I try to go too high. I am limited to a native maximum resolution of 1440x900 however. I don't know if most games support that res or not. Thanks for the input!

    -- MaSoP
  3. Iv'e been running two x1950 pros for a year now. never had a lick of problem. Using two monitors. My main for gaming is 1600x1200. Can't run everything at highest res and settings, but all games run. Far cry 2 at 1024x768 with everything set to high except shadows and aa at 2x runs at about 30fps.
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