Building a new rig please help!

Hi all,

Im building a new rig and need some help. Im going to be reuseing some of my old hardware along with my new stuff and is as follows.

Hdds 1 74gb raptor, 250gb seagate
Sound card Sound blaster Audigy SE
PSU Ultra 600w
Lite on Cd/Dvd burner

As far as the GPU goes that is going to a brand new XFX 8800 Ultra I picked up off TD for $199. Now comes the hard part, what to do about a Mobo and Cpu. Ive narrowed it down to three options a stupid fast overclocking dual-core, a budget build that will last a while and is best price to performance ratio, and a modern quad core gaming machine.

Budget build - Q6600 and a DFI DK P35 T2RS

My dual core build - E8600/E8500/E8400 E0 with the new Biostar T Power I45

I know I can get that I45 $20 cheaper at ZZF

and lastly the beast - Q9550 and some kind of P45 board Id like the Maximus II but I think its two sweet for me at $269 so If I go this option I may get a cheaper board like the Biostar or a DFI.

The thing that sucks about this rig is I hate to get a Q9550 or a E8400 or E8500 for that matter without E0 Stepping and im getting tired of waiting. I do about 33% gaming and 33% multitasking and 33% overclocking. I know the dual will be better for gaming but since ebay and paypal are such a PITA now I dont like selling stuff on Ebay anymore because I have to wait for my money forever so building a quad machine should last me a while and maybe ill be able to skip Nehalem all together.
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  1. So you want me to tell you which system to build?

    You don't need a Maximus II to overclock well. P5Q-E has the same ability, as does the DDR2 version of the P5Q Deluxe.

    A P45 board will be more likely to support a Q9550 out of the box without a BIOS flash.
  2. Couldn't you just upgrade that system in your signature to a quad-core?
  3. I just wanted some opinons.

    I know I dont need the Maximus its a nice board but overpriced IMO.

    I like the P5Q-E except for the placement of the 24pin power connector.

    My sig hasnt been updated in a while. I no longer have the Striker, that kingston ram or that cpu or those video cards.

    I will be using the 4gigs of Crucial Ballistix Tracers DDR2 PC6400 that I already have.
  4. For the 1st two options I would get the LT p35 over either the DK or TPower mainly because it is a 6 layer 8 phase board compared to the 4 phase and 4 layer of the DK and it looks like the TPower is also.

    For the third option I would get the Rampage Formula since from what I have seen it is about the best for clocking the 45nm quads.
  5. Whats wrong with the system you already have??
    Pop in the 8800 Ultra, add 2gb, and you have a great box.
  6. geofelt said:
    Whats wrong with the system you already have??
    Pop in the 8800 Ultra, add 2gb, and you have a great box.

    The problem with the system I already have is I dont have one lol. The striker has been sold for sometime and just recently the E8400 and 8800gt. So im missing a mobo and cpu. I sold the striker for a evga 780i and got 2 8800gt's but im done with Nvida chipsets and my 19" monitor doesnt really scale in SLI.

    sig updated lol
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