No display- 4870x2 crossfire x


Firstly here are my system specs

(default settings - not overclocked)

Intel E8600 CPU 3.33 GHZ
Asus Rampage Formula x48 Mobo w/ latest 410 bios update on August
(Chipset drivers installed)
4x1 GB Patriot E.P.P. DDR2 PC2-9600 @ 1200MHZ
2x 10k rpm WD sata Hardrives
1 sata dvd rw drive
2x diamond radeon 4870x2 2gb ddr5
PC&Power cooling 1200W PSU
Boreas MTECH Chiller liquid cooling the CPU w/ control center
Dual Boot Xp and Vista x64

22" LG LCD display (DVI)

The problem:

I just ordered a 2nd 4870x2 so that I could have a crossfire x setup.

However, when all the power cable are plugged in to both cards, my monitor remains in some sort of stand-by/powersaving sleep/warm-up state all throught the booting process. This means I cant see BIOS messages, nor the Vista logo, although my PC is booting all the way into windows - just with a black screen.

My display and boot works fine when I have just one of the cards installed.

Keep in mind that my monitor starts out in a temporary sleep state/warmup for about 3-7 seconds (indicated by yellow LED over the power switch) upon booting before displaying - under normal circumstances (Blue LED is active when data is being displayed on screen).

As soon as I have both cards installed AND have all power cables connected to the second card - it remains in its warm-up mode (Yellow LED) indefinately so I cant see anything on screen even though my PC boots without problems.

I tested both cards - so I know that they both work fine individually on their own.

I also tested both PCI-e x16 slots - they both work when they have only one card installed in each.

I tested all combinations of power connectors and they all seem to work.

The display works even if I install both cards into the slots, but leave the 8 pin power relay disconnected from the second card (though the GPU's would be inactive on the second card - so no crossfire).

The only time my display doesnt work is if ALL power connectors are connected to both cards.

I tried testing all the different DVI ports on the cards and I still get the blank stand-by display.

My total idle power draw doesn't exceed 570W so I know that my high quality 1200W PSU can handle all my components.

My PSU utilizes a massive single rail and has 2 6+2 pin connectors and 4 6pin connectors plus several other types of power connectors.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. Hello,

    When the 2 4870x2 are connected and in crossfire mode, you have to plug the DVI connector to de 2nd card (the below one) and to the right output.

    I have had the same problem last friday when I finished the installation of the 2 cards.

    The other problem is that with the same mobo like you, the rampage formula, when I switch off the pc, and want to switch on, I have to turn off the PSU, wait 5 second and turn on, and then the PC starts correctly.

    I think the rampage needs a bios update, I am using the 410 like you.

    And I must start the PC with the auto settings, If I configure the bios manually or want to do some overclock, the bios don't post (with the 2 4870x2 connected), then clear cmos and start again.

    I hope this wills help you,

    Sorry my Super English.

  2. Same here nihlanth. I built a new system with:

    Asus Rampage Extreme w/ latest bios
    Intel Q9650 @ 3.0ghz
    2 @ Corsair XMS3 DHX TWIN3X2048-1600C7DHXIN DDR3 (4gb total RAM)
    4 @ WD Caviar 500gb SATA drives
    2 @ Gigabyte Radeon 4870x2 2gb ddr5 x2
    LG Blu-Ray burner
    Thermaltake TruePower 1200watt

    All default settings and nothing overclocked.

    When I first put the system together I had a Corsair 1000watt PSU. Exact same situation as you - only one card would provide a video signal when both were connected. This was whether in Crossfire mode or not. I tested both cards in another motherboard and were fine - I finally decided the PSU must be toast so I ordered the Thermaltake.

    I just reassembled the system tonight and the same thing - I can only get video signal off the one card. For displays I run a Benq 24" and my 42" Samsung but I have a Moncaso case that also has a 7" touchscreen embedded in the front. I would like to be able to run all three like I did with my last system usuing 2 HD3870's.

    Is this a driver issue? Both cards are recognized by the system and show up as Crossfired in the Catalyst application. If anybody has any ideas or input I'd be seriously grateful - thanks!
  3. Ranger,

    In crossfire mode, you only can use 2 monitors, if you don't use the crossfire mode, you can use 4 monitors.

    In crossfire, I have to connect the monitors on the card below, first monitor to the right output and the second to the left, as you can see on the image in my first reply.

    Important to have last bios installed. I have ASUS RAMPAGE FORMULA 501 bios.

    About the PSU, I think this is not your problem. Last week I have to send to RMA 2 Thermaltake Toughpower PSU's, one of 1000w and the second of 1200w, the 2 psu's can't power on the pc. Finally I got a ENERMAX DXX 1000w PSU, and all is correct.

    Here you can see the photos of my PC:

    Sorry my english (Open the door, close the window)

  4. heh heh yer english is a lot better than a lot of folks I know leslargi!

    I figgered that was the problem. I haven;t taken it out of Crossfire mode yet and tested it out but thats the exact situation you described with the lower card. I hope a future driver version lets you use all 4 DVI ports in crossfire at some point. I really dont expect it to make much difference I just hate having to disconnect monitors when I want to game then reconnect when I want to work.

    Thanks for the input!
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