Mobo is crazy??


I've got a problem that's driving me crazy.

I recently bought 2x1Gb memories which I tried to install on my mobo. Unfortunately they didn't work quite as well as expected, so I simply decided to keep my 2x512mb (plus the 2x1Gb I've always had).

Ever since though, my motherboard is acting weirdly. Somtimes, after complet shut downs, every time I try to run the computer, my mobo fans and lights turn on, everything turns off for a split second, then powers up as normal. After this weird event, I'm always unable to start Vista as I keep getting a blank page after the green loading bar.

This wont happen when I boot into Safe Mode, because when I restart the computer while in Safe Mode, the mobo acts naturally, making it possible for me to boot into Vista.

What the hell is going on?

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  1. There may be something up with the BIOS,a value may have been changed during the installation of other ram.

    Try reseting the CMOS. Does your mobo have a jumper that you can remove to disconnect the battery? or simply remove the battery for a couple of minutes, then replace.

    This will return your BIOS to factory settings.
  2. Thank you but that was my first attempt at trying to fix it, and it won't fix anything.

    What else could it be?
  3. Nobody can help me?
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