Need some help deciding a few parts for my 1st PC (gpu, psu).

Ok so here are the basic stats:
e8400, i plan to oc maybe to 3.4ghz?
p180 case, fits my needs but i was wandering if i could fit a 2 9800gtx a fan?
ocz sli ready ddr2 800mhz ram, plan to oc to 1066mhz
780i p5n-d board, sli ready
for gpu i might go with 8800gts then sli later or go with 9800gtx and sli later or go with 9800gx2. can someone help me decide btwn these 3 options and explain the diffs plz? is the gx2 just 2 gtx?
im really at a loss for the psu, i don't understand the concept of 12v rails, do the plug in to the mobo, the gpu, the cpu or what?why do i need multipe 12v rails?
PLZ help! :(
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  1. GX2 is essentially 2 8800GTs. And as much as i love Asus motherboards, i heard that p5n-d isn't very good for overclocking but if thats your budget then i guess you would have to go with it, i would recommend 750i FTW from EVGA since i've heard some good stuff about it but i aren't really sure. honestly, by all means, try the asus, usually Asus motherboards yeild pretty good overclocking results. I would go with a 9800GX2 if you can find one for about $300, if not, you can go with a 8800GTS 512mb. PSU, HX620 from Corsair but that just might be a bit tight and to give it headroom, you can get an Antec Quaddro 850W. Both are modular so less cable hassle for you.
  2. Thanks dude, that clears up alot of things. But, all i need to know now is the gpu will fit in the p182 case and i need an explanation on 12v rails for PSUs.
  3. Could i get something like this in a p180?
  4. Why so many posts with the same title?
  5. That should work since p182 is about to support 8800GTX cards so it should fit most cards, i am pretty sure about that. If it doesn't, just take out that Hard drive cage and you are sitll elft with the one on the bottom.
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