Need some help deciding a few parts for my 1st PC (gpu, psu).

Ok so here are the basic stats:
e8400, i plan to oc maybe to 3.4ghz?
p180 case, fits my needs but i was wandering if i could fit a 2 9800gtx a fan?
ocz sli ready ddr2 800mhz ram, plan to oc to 1066mhz
780i p5n-d board, sli ready
for gpu i might go with 8800gts then sli later or go with 9800gtx and sli later or go with 9800gx2. can someone help me decide btwn these 3 options and explain the diffs plz? is the gx2 just 2 gtx?
im really at a loss for the psu, i don't understand the concept of 12v rails, do the plug in to the mobo, the gpu, the cpu or what?why do i need multipe 12v rails? PLZ help! :(
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  1. Could i get something like this in a p180?
  2. Can you stop posting the same thread title and just post once?

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