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Gotomypc/remote connections security risks...?

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March 31, 2009 6:56:28 PM

Can anyone out there shed some light on the risks that may be associated with placing one of these remote connecting computers in a local network that has significant financial and sensitive data on the network?

Specifically, does it open my network up to some security loopholes.

Right now I have comcast business, with a linksys router (BEFSR41).

Can anyone give me some input as to what type of security my network should have, and whether these remote connection programs put that at risk.

I am not implying that my network is secure right now, as my old router had a firewall built in, but I don't use wireless, which as I understand could pose a threat too.

Thanks in advance.


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April 1, 2009 2:06:38 PM

/me cries.

if the software is linked correctly to the network in that you can access it from home and get onto your work machine and work network, anyone else who finds it and manages to break in can do the same. unfortunately no piece of software is infallible. you must remember that by using this kind of software you are effectively bypassing any and all firewalls that your network is currently protected by.

imagine its leaving one of your downstairs back windows with the latch off so in case you forget your key you can still get in, and so can anyone else.

its a bad idea, and its made worse if getting access to your network means getting access to that information you consider sensitive.

yes, all that i have said is negative, hopefully someone else can help you with making it slightly more secure, but like i said earlier, nothings perfect and with this kind of software nothings absolutely 100% secure.
April 8, 2009 3:00:41 PM

Any other input on this one????
a b 8 Security
March 7, 2010 1:42:30 PM

You are far better off adding a vpn client, this means you control who has access via passwords and group policy. I am a Cisco Engineer and as such would recommend a Cisco ASA, go to cisco's website and find a local supplier. However any of the major Fiewalls eg Juniper etc can provide this. The more money you throw at it the better and faster it will run.

I would never let a unknow user or supplier onto my network plus this could affect you dataprotection status.