AMD phenom II 940 overclock temp

Im about to install my 940, but i was wondering if my OCZ vendetta will be able to keep it cool enough even if i overclock it. Thanks.
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  1. Yeah it should work just fine.
  2. Thanks. it keeps my current cpu at around 25c so thats pretty good. the only thing that concerns me about my cooler is that the fan is on the wrong side so it either pushes air into my psu or gfx card.
  3. Probably have it blow air into your PSU.

    Your PSU is mounted up top right? Does it have a bottom mounted fan?
    This will help with airflow.
  4. yea its up top. with bottom fan. i believe its blowing out right? (or does that vary from psu to psu)?
  5. Yeah it should be sucking air up into it and out the back.
    That would probably be your best configuration.
  6. alright. if it doesnt keep it cool enough ill just pick up a scythe mugen 2. thanks man.
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