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P5k Deluxe won't boot until I power Cycle

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January 16, 2009 3:08:48 PM

P5k Deluxe (WiFi)
Bought this motherboard pretty much after it came out just over 2 years now.
During Thanksgiving time, turned my computer on and it powered up but nothing every showed on my screen.
I ended up buying an open box of the same motherboard on newegg.
Got it and put that into my computer booted up the first time so I was happy, it did have to reinstall some drivers but I didn’t lose any data.
But sense then, every time I turn my computer on for the first time, it turns on but nothing on my screen. (Kind of like the problem I had with my other motherboard). I figure out if I power down the power supply and then turn on the computer it boots just fine.
I thought it was a power configuration problem, but after running through all of those I don’t think it is.
From reading asus’s forums it sounds like it could be a RAM issue. I have Corsair TWIN2X2048-8500C5 2GB Kit DDR2-1066 XMS2-8500.
I have reset the Cmos as recommended on Asus Form. That didn’t fix anything. I usually just leave everything on auto in the bios, the motherboard finds the ram and the speed (1066) but when I turn the computer on the next day, it doesn’t boot, I power cycle the power supply boots up just fine (no warning of a failed overclock or anything).
I probably should have returned this to newegg but I’m now past my 30 days (I guess I thought I could fix this problem).
The last tests I have done is turn my computer off, wait 10 seconds and turn it on. Much to my surprise this works fine. But once I left my computer off for 10 mins I had to power cycle.
Is it my RAM?
Is it my BIOS?
Any idea what to do?
Anybody else have this problem?

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June 23, 2009 11:17:42 AM

i have the same issue with an IDEq Cube pc - Works fine when powerd on but a reboot wont work - i have to turn it off to get it to boot back up.

this is from a afresh install too. did you gte your issue sorted.
December 9, 2009 7:14:43 PM

Had the exact same problem with the P5K deluxe / wifi, about 2 years old. I found, as you did, that cycling the power fixed the problem, but no idea what the cause is -- maybe a bad CMOS battery? I'm running win7 64 and an ATI card as well as corsair memory, but the only new thing is the video card, and I can't imagine how that would be causing issues that early in boot (well before drivers had been loaded).

I've got my own problems now: I've now tried updating the BIOS with ASUSupdate. . . the utility crashed in Win7 after supposedly completing the update, and now my computer won't reach post -- fans keep cycling on and off and back on, so it's continuously trying to reboot. So much for CrashFree BIOS. The moral here is be careful -- even though the manual says ASUSupdate works, don't use it. I would reccoment getting the AMI bios update utility from their site or just inserting a flash key with the new bios on it and pressing F2 at boot.

As for the original problem, not sure if the new BIOS would have fixed it, but it's worth a shot.

Thanks ASUS.