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I'm not sure what to call it but I want to look into building a media center PC for the use of a home theater system. I want it to be a DVR and be able to play Blue ray, and then be able to access the internet from my TV. You know, all that good stuff. I used to be up to speed on hardware in the PC world when I built my computer 6 months ago, but since I haven't. I'm having a hard time finding a good article on building a media center PC so if anyone can point me in a good direction I'd appreciate it.

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  1. Start off with a good case and a 790gx series AMD mobo and the rest is gravy with at least one pcie port for a tv-tuner card. 1TB HD's have dropped considerably since 6 months ago. You'll need a wifi card or USB adapter for wifi, perhaps an audio card as well. 300W should be sufficient.
  2. does toms hardware have any good articles on doing this? I'm having a hard time searching for any.
  3. THG has a lot on gaming systems, but not much on media centers. Shouldn't be a problem though. Look for watercooling. Helps with the noise issue.
  4. Thanks Bob, those articles look good. I'm having a hard time picking out a case, all the ones on newegg that look decent are $300+ which is ridiculous. I'm kind of disappointed over the current selection of cases available. If anyone has had good experience with one let me know
  5. NMediaPC 200BA
    Newegg Link (for reviews and specs)

    This is the (discontinued but still available elsewhere) HTPC case I have and while it took a bit to actually put the system together, I've had no problems with the case itself. I have to put my ear near the case in order to hear the fans running and even then, I can't tell if it's the CPU, Power Supply, Graphics Card, or the case fans I'm hearing and I certainly cannot hear it over the sound of watching TV or listening to music.

    The display is not programmable, so that's a con.

    -Wolf sends

    Edit for HTPC specs:

    Gigabyte GA-965GM-S2
    Intel Core2Duo E6600
    1 Gig DDR2-533 RAM (1 bad stick from 4x512 Meg set)
    Sapphire ATI HD 2600 Pro
    AverMedia AverTV PCI-E Combo TV Tuner
    160 GB SATA-II OS Drive
    750 GB SATA-II Media Drive
    Lite-On SATA DVD-RW Drive
    Antec SmartPower II 450 Watt PSU
    Windows XP MCE w/Remote
    Olevia 232T 1366x768 HDTV
    BenQ MP610 1280x768 Projector
  6. Anyone know of a TV tuner card that supports 1080p and that can record 2 different channels at the same time?
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