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Hey guys, yesterday, my computer was off, and my room's electricity cranked out, and I had to go reset a breaker. The electricity comes back fine. However, when I tried to boot up my computer again, I got a "Check Signal Cable" error on my Samsung 204BW 20" LCD. The computer itself surprisingly boots up fine, although the screen is blank. I tried logging in (blind), and pressed enter, I get the Windows sound from my speakers, and I get the logoff when I Alt-F4 (again, blind) shut down. I tried the monitor using VGA with an older computer (it only has integrated graphics, and the monitor is fine. I was using DVI on my new rig, and tried VGA on that, no show. Now, I know the monitor is fine.....the Dvi cable should be fine too....(this is a 3-week old rig)....I'm running a Gigabyte EP35-DS3L, 2GB OCZ Plat, Rev2 DDR2 800, WD 640GB, Antec P182, and eVGA I'm tempted to blame it on the Graphic Card...maybe not sending signal?

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  1. Your PSU or your GPU might have gotten damaged.
  2. I have a 30 day return policy on most of the stuff (including GPU)....but remember, my computer seems like it can still boot quite.....I'd like to get the 30 days are up in a few days...
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