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Need Help With Building A New Computer For Multimedia & Video Editing

Last response: in Systems
September 23, 2008 12:03:51 AM

Hello to all...

I'm a total noob at this and asking for help on which computer components I should get for my next computer because my old one died on me today. After reading a plethora of responses that people that shared on this forum, I've decided to ask everyone out there now.

I'm looking to build a good computer to do video editing & encoding and multimedia stuff.

Thus far, I have the following components...

CPU: Q6600
Video Card: BFG Geforce 9800GT OC
HD: 500GB Sata

What kind of motherboard, computer case, power supply, memory, and a good dvd/cd burner.

My budget is about 200-400. So any ideas or many ideas would be grateful in building this awesome and new machine.

One last question... does anyone know the difference between BFG, XFX, and EVGA for nvidia cards? I'm really confused on what those mean and which one should I get if I have the choice between BFG & XFX 9800GT?

Thanks again to everyone who shares their input.
September 23, 2008 2:30:30 AM

Correction: Nvidia makes CHIPS, not cards. BFG, XFX and EVGA make the cards. The difference between the card makers lies in small differences like overclocking, curtailed features (multiple DVI out, etc.), warranties, heatsinks and other stuff too numerous to detail.

In your case, you're looking to prioritize memory and the mobo. Get any X48 (I'd recommend Asus) with DDR3. It's a little bit more expensive, but it's worth it. Also, you might be overkilling on the graphics card. You could get away with an 8800GTS and still see no performance loss in video editing. Other than that, anything else won't factor too much into the overall performance.

Good luck on the build.
September 23, 2008 1:44:00 PM

^ What he said.

If you don't game at all, you can get by with GF 8500 with a heatsink & no fan.

You can even get a mobo with onboard video that can do high def. Some of them boards have both HDMI & DVI outputs.

I think you'll want at least 4 gigs of ram for those tasks. Look into Kingston 2x2GB DDR2 800mhz.

For a DVD writer, consider the DRW-2014L1T.
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