Asus 4770 - strange problem.

Hey all , just installed windows 7 64 bit and latest CCC Build + drivers.When I try to overclock the 4770 I reach 840 mhz / 1000 mhz / 1.04 voltage.This is fully stable and is able to run for a prolonged time in Furmark Xtreme burning mode.Everything seems fine except when I was using windows XP i was able to get 930 mhz / 1000 mhz / 1.05 voltage.Anything above 840 mhz on windows 7 results in a crash asap.So what gives?Is windows 7 the problem or my card just got worse?Its a Asus 4770 , im using SmartDoctor to change the voltage.Temps are 38-40 on idle when clocked.The memory is not the problem I tested that - ran on 750 mhz / 1000 mhz for 10 mins in furmark.Im really confused how such a big difference can happen :o .Hope someone here can help me out.Thanks in advance.
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  1. Anyone?
    Also the only difference I can recall is that I had VPU Recover disabled in XP,but in Windows 7/Vista its build-in in the OS?How Do I Disable it?
  2. are u sure u were using the same version of CCC?
  3. I don't think so.I'm using the latest one and back then I used the latest aswell(back then=2-3 months ago) so I guess they got updated.Anyway Im not using CCC to overclock,I'm using RivaTuner.
    It's getting silly tbh.Now its not even stable with 830 mhz / 850 memory(the max in ccc/smartdoctor) sigh
  4. is it stable at stock speeds?
  5. Yes.Played at stock speeds Modern Warfare 2 for 2-3 hours last night,no crashes , no artifacts.At 830/850 my screen started some yellow flickering.Also I'm running Windows 7 64 bit with 2 GB ram only.Could this be affecting the whole system somehow?
    CPU is Athlon x2 3800
  6. well i dont hink the amoun of ram u have is affecting thegraphics card, neither ur cpu.
  7. Yeah , well I'm out of Ideas.Guess I'll just live with it ;/
  8. LOL sorry
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